Reverse Chronic Disease.Lower Healthcare Costs.Digital Health Technology.

MD Revolution has created a new medical specialty in digital health for chronic disease prevention and care. Over 75% of heart disease and stroke and 40% of cancers are imminently preventable and, in many cases, reversible. MD Revolution’s prescriptive-based digital health solution, RevUp, delivers real, measurable improvements in health and lower healthcare costs. We empower people with personalized, actionable data and coaching to help them make lifestyle changes that matter.

Transformation Begins With Information

Amid the myriad of fad diets and exercise programs available, the general directive to "eat right and exercise" has become meaningless. MD Revolution's clinically developed digital health platform, RevUp, is the only solution designed to deliver real, measurable improvements in health and wellbeing. RevUp has revolutionized the approach to behavior change for lifestyle diseases, including diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and heart disease, by focusing on the latest scientific research on the proven drivers of chronic disease:

Visceral Fat
Cardiovascular fitness (VO2)

How Mobile Is Moving The Needle

Mobile health devices and apps can track our daily activities—from the food we eat to the steps we take. But this information is only as useful as what we do with it. RevUp consolidates the data collected from all these devices into one dashboard. To make it meaningful, it is then shared with a team of health professionals such as nutritionists, fitness specialists, and nurse practitioners who create a feedback loop that can drive real behavioral changes.

The delivery of true healthcare lies outside the patient-provider interaction and is dependent upon accountability of one’s health. Through the use of mobile health technologies, RevUp provides users the ability to take full control of their health and prevent today’s risk factors from becoming tomorrow’s diseases.

Join The Revolution

It's time to predict, prevent, and reverse our risks for diseases through the decisions we make every day.

The RevUp mobile app is coming this fall! Sign up to be among the first to learn more.

Watch this video to see how RevUp can help you achieve real outcomes.

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