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Chronic Care Management

The 2015 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) will pay for non face-to-face services for Chronic Care Management, reimbursing practices on average $42 per patient, per month. In response to Medicare’s Chronic Care Management (CCM) initiative, MD Revolution has developed a systematic approach designed specifically to mitigate the challenges a practice will face to take advantage of the new billing code. Our digital product, RevUp, is a scalable platform designed for Chronic Care Management and provides a high touch human interaction model at a very low delivery cost.


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Providers are constantly seeking evidence-based processes to improve the outcomes of high-need, high-cost Medicare populations. Strategies to enhance population management are critical for patients with multiple chronic conditions. As a result, effective, integrated approaches are necessary to receive compensation that ultimately will offset the rising cost of health care.

The financial incentive of Medicare's CCM initiative is designed to pay physicians who are currently practicing Chronic Care Management. However, meeting the Chronic Care Management billing regulations on your own can require a substantial investment in technology and a commitment to additional administrative staff.

Care management is not a new concept to health care. Medicare is taking it one step further by offering physicians the opportunity to bill for services they are currently managing. Implementing a sustainable solution is key to maximizing this new revenue stream.

MD Revolution's Chronic Care Management solution, RevUp, combines technology, clinical services and analytics that yield more patient interaction between office visits, with low impact on current personnel. RevUp maximizes patient enrollment, increases patient compliance, documents CCM requirements and minimizes additional workload.

It's simple; our end-to-end solution directly correlates to higher profits for your practice. The potential for recurring revenue with a minimum of 1000 eligible patients can be significant. Calculate how much you can add to your bottom line.



Transforming Healthcare through Digital Platform Engagement - it's all about the data.

Providers and patients working together to improve health is a new trend in health care. As part of the CCM requirement, Medicare included the patient's consent to encourage "program buy-in" and shared decision-making around care. Patients, who are compliant, tend to be healthier and achieve better outcomes. Introducing technology in the equation will provide meaningful data to begin analyzing the care provided to patents with multiple chronic diseases. These analytics will uncover what works in reducing high-cost outcomes such as hospital readmissions and emergency visits. The foundation of RevUp's technology infrastructure was intentionally built to capture and aggregate a multitude of health metrics.

RevUp's evidence based platform has been designed to cultivate self-monitoring on their current health status. The communication between a RevUp Health Coach and a patient, functions as an extension of the physician's practice. In addition, on going interactions through personalized messaging motivates and supports patient's to reach predetermined health goals set by them and their physician.

As a result, engaged patients are more likely to participate in healthy activities, adopt healthy behaviors and follow their care plan. The end result is higher quality of engagement, increased compliance, better outcomes and ultimately lower costs. We believe the proof is in the data.



Incorporating CCM with Minimal Disruption to Workflow

Compliance with Medicare's Chronic Care Management requirements is essential to ensure monthly payments. Automating the process allows a practice to focus resources on the patient, instead of the process. In order to minimize the impact on office workflow, incorporating a digital solution is necessary to consistently meet Medicare's billing requirements and maximize enrollment.

Our comprehensive Chronic Care Management solution combines human and digital assets that deliver effective and meaningful population management. Designed specifically to enhance patient interaction in between office visits, RevUp seamlessly interfaces with a practice's work environment and EHR system. Incorporating RevUp is easy. See how we can simplify your workflow and RevUp Care Management.

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