Care management solutions for chronic disease care and prevention

Accountable Care Organizations


Manage risk

With the RevUp Digital Care Management Platform, patients can take control of their health and even prevent today’s risk factors from becoming tomorrow’s diseases. It's the only platform with a points system that correlates healthy behaviors to improved clinical outcomes.

See the big picture—in real time

Our care management solutions offer multiple options for tracking the health of large populations in real time, allowing providers to focus their efforts on those who need the care most. Using predictive analytics, we can stratify populations to apply the right intervention, at the right time.   

Health Systems & Hospitals


Adopt scalable population health management

Chronic conditions account for the vast majority of hospital admissions and costs. RevUp is a scalable, digital care management platform that manages people’s health where they live and work. Use data from RevUp to focus care on the chronic conditions having the greatest effect on your cost and resource utilization.

Provide better care and more frequent follow-up 

The RevUp Digital Care Management Platform extends the reach of case managers, diabetes educators, and anyone involved in chronic disease care. Our trained care team of nurses and case managers can also complement your existing staff.

Dr. Sunil Bhoyrul of Olde Del Mar Surgical has incorporated RevUp into his practice for managing his bariatric patients post-surgery. Follow-up is key to the success of bariatric procedures, and RevUp has allowed Dr. Bhoyrul to expand the reach of his practice and treat patients outside the San Diego metropolitan area. See how >

Dr. Sunil Bhoyrul

Olde Del Mar Surgical

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