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Implementing Our Platform


Whatever your Care Management needs, we’re confident that RevUp is the right fit for you. Our solution can be custom fit to the size of your Practice or Organization and tailored to the needs of the user.

Designed for use by Medicare Chronic Care Patient populations, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), or direct to employees as part of an Employer Wellness Program, RevUp delivers meaningful insight to manage and transform health. 

See solutions for Chronic Care Management, Accountable Care Organizations, or Employer Wellness.

Are you a patient and want to find more about how RevUp can help you improve your chronic illness? Discover how the RevUp Digital Care Management platform has helped some of our current users.  

Delivering Excellence


Implementing the RevUp Digital Care Management platform in your practice

Our goal is simple. Provide you with best in class technology to enhance your patient relationships, and rapidly develop a new revenue stream, all the while minimizing disruption to your practice and existing workflow. MDR designs and delivers a high-impact Chronic Care Management (CCM) program for your eligible patient population while increasing your bottom line.

You will be assigned a dedicated Customer Account Manager at the start of the program, who will remain your point of contact for the duration of your engagement with us. Our Project Implementation Team will guide you through every step of the process, and be on hand to provide training to your staff, on-board patients, provide reporting and documentation, and ultimately, drive your success.

RevUp Implementation Flow


Streamlined EHR integration

MDR’s streamlined implementation workflow ensures that you rapidly gain value from the RevUp platform. Our open API can easily connect into any Electronic Health Record management application. Our ability to rapidly connect in to your EHR means that we can quickly identify eligible CCM patients and begin driving patient engagement and revenue allocation. See a more detailed technical view of our EHR integration methodology by clicking on the EHR Integration tab.

Driving the message home

With the MDR solution you gain unique access to a full complement of Marketing and Promotional material to ensure successful patient engagement. We provide an end-to-end, multi-channel communication strategy, tailored specifically to your own Practice.

Support when you need it

With 24/7 online support, Live technical support available Monday-Friday by phone or online chat, and your dedicated Customer Account Manager, we have you covered.

EHR Integration



Process and Security Architecture

As part of our Project Implementation Team, we assign a Customer Development Team to drive the technical delivery of the RevUp platform. We will work in conjunction with your own IT lead to ensure accurate data exchange between your EHR and the RevUp platform. 

EHR Integration Workflow


RevUp Application security architecture

Our application creates a secure and HIPAA-compliant channel to share details of the patient’s care plan from the EHR with RevUp. We support HL7 formats as well as APIs for data exchange, and have implemented multiple security layers to ensure patient privacy is always protected.

As shown in the architecture diagram below, the data in the EHR system sits behind two levels of firewalls. The Mirth channel accesses data from the EHR as a trusted source and will gather data using HTTPs. This will be communicated to the RevUp system again over HTTPs with additional token-based authentication and in an encrypted format.  

RevUp EHR Integration Architecture

As a practicing physician in Internal Medicine, I have many patients who struggle with weight loss, as well as health problems such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. RevUp offers the precision and personalized approach that is lacking in traditional medicine." 

Dr. Biraj D. Shah

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